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Construction Services

We construct and maintain canopies, forecourts, roof structures, and fuel pumps and tanks, for new and existing petrol service stations.

Thomo Developments specialises in the construction, installation, renovation, and maintenance of canopies, forecourts, roof structures, and fuel pumps and tanks, for new and existing petrol service stations. Furthermore, we construct and install manholes, pipes, syphons, concrete barriers, bund walls, pavements, islands, spill containment sumps and separators, containment slabs, and so much more. Lastly, our team consists of specialists in civil services, industrial; commercial; and residential electrical services, and we have a team who focusses specifically on sandblasting.

We endeavour to comprehend our client’s business and the environment within which they operate, and then offer a turkey solution to meet their needs with exceptional customer service.

We are committed to the safety, quality control, and environmental care executed on project sites. Our work is conducted under the guidelines of the Occupational Health and Safety Act of 1993, as well as the Construction Regulations of 2014.

Project Experience

We have completed projects for large companies such as Total SA, Engen, Shell, Sasol, Caltex, and BP, just to mention a few. Thomo Developments has erected shops and canopies for these petroleum industry clients, as well as other clients across South Africa and extending abroad. However, we’ve also been involved in diminutive projects.

Our versatile experience and related skillset have introduced us to further prospects outside in the Petroleum Industry, including but not limited to the: Food Industry (i.e., McDonalds) Manufacturing/Construction Industry; Commercial & Industrial Industry; Academic Institutions; Malls & Retail Centres; Recreational Facilities; and the Private Sector.

Our relevant industry experience has enabled us to grow and expand nationally.

We have the capacity to take on any project, regardless of its scope:


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Our Construction & Maintenance Services Include

We offer contract construction services to commercial and industrial clients and developers in the retail oil industry. This includes the specialisation in building service stations; retail outlets; and fast-food restaurants.

Canopy construction, installation, renovation, and maintenance services

It is evident that fuel stations require maintenance on an ongoing basis to ensure industry, health, safety, and quality standards are continually met.

Thomo Developments provide Fuel Stations with a range of services, including revamps and general maintenance (Structural, Electrical, Paving, Waterproofing, and more). Our structural and general maintenance teams undertake a variety of refurbishments i.e., of pylons and canopy fascia.

Underground and above the ground fuel pump and tank installation, calibration, and maintenance services

Thomo Developments is classified as an engineering, construction, and petroleum specialist focused on the building and maintenance of petrol and diesel depots and filling stations.

We offer turnkey Project Management services to the Petroleum Sector.

As a one-stop-shop in the petroleum industry supplying key Civil, Construction and Electrical Services to petrol depots, that comply with the relevant specifications.

We install and maintain Fuel Pumps & Tanks (above the group or underground) at fuel stations, and oil and gas installations at industrial plants, where we source only the best brands and install to the highest standard.

We offer maintenance and damage repair services on pumps and tanks, and we replace old or damaged pumps and tanks.

This offering includes:

Installation of Above the Ground and Underground Tanks

Tank removals Above & Underground

Installation of Manholes

Installation of Dispenser Pumps

Building of Pump Island & Bund Walls

Installation of Pipes (Nupi, KPS & Petroplast)

Installation of Syphon

Installation of Spill Containment Sump & Separators

Issue of CoC Pump Calibration

Monitoring Well Installation

Forecourt construction solutions

We specialise in the maintenance of forecourts (fuel stations), including canopy manufacturing, installation and upkeep, and general building and site maintenance.

We inspect, draw up, and prepare the forecourt process, to refurbish and maintain parking bays, canopy fascia and pylons, and buildings.

Our Forecourt Construction Solutions include:

Uplift and Relay Pavements

Casting Containment Slab

Casting of Forecourt Concrete Slabs

Paving & Tiling of Islands

Cut and Replace Concrete with New Concrete

Steel roofs, building, and structure construction, erection, and fabrication solutions

We specialise in structural steel work, including the erections of large steel structures, roofing for the construction industry, piping, and all related cutting.

Industrial, commercial, and residential electrical services

We offer comprehensive Electrical and Mechanical Services. These innovative electrical service solutions include the electrical layout designs, installation, related maintenance, and the issue of Certificates of Compliance (CoC’s) by an accredited Electrician, for new and upgraded installations.

We’ve completed numerous electrical installations and maintenance projects. We install new and alter existing installations.

Civil services

We offer general engineering, as well as civil and steel work services.

We provide Civil Services wherein we construct manholes, pavements, concrete barriers, and more. Our experienced team ensures that all projects are performed with maximum safety and in the appropriate attire.

This offering includes:

Building of Manholes

Building of Bund Walls

Building Pump Islands

Uplift and Relay Pavements

Casting Containment Slab

Casting of Forecourt Concrete Slabs

Paving & Tiling of Islands

Fabrication of Heavy-Duty Crush Barriers

Cut and Replace Concrete with New Concrete

Project Management Services

Our expertise in fuel station renovations have enabled us to project manage various construction services, including the commissioning of service providers; managing cost and quality checks; sticking to timeframes; and minimising risk.

We deliver a location that is ready for immediate use. We manage the entire project from building the development to seeking the required approvals from the council, etc. Deal with one experienced contact and save time and money. We’ll lead you through the project, step-by-step.

Safety Services

We strive to improve the management of risk and ensure safety through compiling and implementing safety plans, risk assessments, and project reports. Safety files are tailor made to suit client specifications on projects.

Are looking for a construction company to take on your new development and maintain it over the long haul?

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