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Proudly South African Construction Company boasting a Level 2 Black Shareholding and Senior Management. Our team is diverse in nationality, skills, and expertise, aiding us in building a new South Africa.


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Thomo Developments was founded in 2005 by two aspirant professionals, with the engineering know-how and technical expertise necessary to tackle and complete projects with the utmost level of client satisfaction.

Through sheer hard work and resilience, Thomo Developments has over the past 16 years met the ever-changing needs of various key industries in South Africa. Based in Pretoria, but operational countrywide, we have been able to enjoy consistent expansion over the two decades. The quality of our work has enabled us to be the preferred supplier of work to many industries.

Thomo Developments Vision

To become the preferred supplier of choice across South Africa, while improving the lives of all South Africans.

To be listed on the South African Petroleum Industry Association (SAPIA) database as a service provider to all oil companies.

To be the recognised installation and maintenance leader in the petroleum industry, countrywide.

Thomo Developments Mission

We strive for service excellence in all that we do.

We aim to value and nourish our partners, employees, and communities, and continue to grow through our long-term relationships.

We endeavour to continuously expand our expertise into new territories and markets across South Africa, and beyond.

We aim to do business in a manner that is safe for our team and clients.

Thomo Developments Values

Fair and honest interactions, behaviours, and practices.

Relational ties within our community, used to improve our offering and who we work with.

We will not compromise on our customer service experience.

We pay special attention to our operational excellence – doing the job fast and effectively, whilst reducing the amount of wastage.

We quote and plan comprehensively to ensure that we stay within budget and the allocated time frame agreed upon before commencement of the project at hand.

We aim to transform our teams through on-going learning and support.

Our Goals

Our objective is to establish further growth and create additional career and job opportunities within our company.

We aim to diminish unemployment through skills development programmes (exposing disadvantaged individuals to the industry).

We want to be identified through our exceptional quality service, as a leading company in South Africa, extending operations abroad.

Our Trusted Technical Expertise

Both founding members have a vast amount of experience in the industry and share an influential vision and an impetus motivation to elevate Thomo Developments.

Johannes Manoko, Managing Director

As the Managing Director, Johannes Manoko has experience in the erection and fabrication of canopies and similar structures, having been employed by Coastal Structures (Pty) Ltd, for nine years. Mr. Manoko has been involved in projects for companies, including Tepco, Total SA, and Engen. Mr. Manoko’s experience has increasingly grown since co-running Thomo Developments from 2004. Having expanded his knowledge and experience over the years because of projects he’s been involved with, he has further augmented his expertise in the field concerned.

Chris Venter, Technical Director

Chris Venter, the Technical Director for Thomo Developments has extensive experience in the building and construction industry, having worked in this industry for the past twenty-two years. Mr. Venter was previously employed by Coastal Structures (Pty) Ltd as a Production Manager and has since retired in March 2016.

Our Team & Your Solution

Thomo Developments understands that by creating a stimulating, healthy, and stable work environment for all employees; promotes knowledge wealth, motivation, and contentment for the people who play a fundamental role in our company’s success.

Our capable, experienced, knowledgeable, and diverse team; are proficient in taking pride in their work whilst striving to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction. This is due to participating in ongoing training programmes and being receptive to guidance to execute unsurpassed results to our clients.

Our clients and team members are momentous in our company.

Why Choose Thomo Developments?

Thomo Developments pays special attention to participating in large-scale projects (i.e., Fuel Stations e.g., Total, Sasol, BP, and Engen), but is willing to work on smaller-scale projects (i.e., schools, etc.).

Thomo Developments is a proudly South African Company boasting a Level 2 Black Shareholding and Senior Management.

Thomo Developments hires diverse people and skills to create a knowledgeable team whilst building a new South Africa.

Thomo Developments strength lies in its attention to detail and experience in the industry.

Thomo Developments strives to create an environment that is suitable for all Employees, hence believing in investing in Employees, as they play a fundamental role in business.

Thomo Developments offers reliable, quality workmanship construction at competitive prices, and within the agreed upon timeframe and budget constraint.

Thomo Developments have grown from strength to strength, since 2005 in every aspect of commercial, industrial, retail, and residential construction. Our construction projects range from building projects to site maintenance.

Safety at Work

Safety at work is a core value of Thomo Developments, to ensure that our clients and our team are always safe. We do this by continuously conducting stringent safety tests on all sites before and during operations.

Our ‘Safety at Work’ principles are put in place to prevent injury and accidents from occurring on duty. Every employee and stakeholder at Thomo Developments is required to be aware of and implement these principles on-site.

Together, we strengthen the prevention of incidents on project sites by empowering our employees and clients to intervene when they notice potential safety risks and report on it accordingly. This is especially expected of those who organise, carry out, and inspect work being done. Their systematic processes cover the identification, assessment, and management of risk on-site.

The management of Health and Safety throughout the life of the project is continually reviewed to maintain & improve performance safely.

Safety at Work Principles

Wearing the correct Personal Protective Equipment on-site is crucial before commencing with any work.

Having valid work permits in order before commencing with work is crucial.

Do not walk or stand under a ‘load’ while lifting is taking place.

Do not perform any electrical work without ensuring that the power is securely switched off.

Do not enter and work in confined spaces until the atmosphere and environments has been checked and approved to do so.

Do not perform any excavation work without the necessary permits nor a map comprising of the underground utility hazards.

Do not work at a height without a harnesses and other protective equipment.

Do not perform operations concurrently without the necessary inspection and approval.

Safety at Work Principles are put in place to ensure that

There are no fatalities.

There are no injuries.

No time is wasted due to injury restrictions.

Our Credibility: Accreditation and Certification

We are qualified, accredited, and certified in all our BBEE; safety; and Compliance service departments.

We have the relevant Certificates & Compliance for Service Delivery.

We are fully compliant with Department of Labour.

We are fully compliant with SARS.

Are looking for a construction company to take on your new development and maintain it over the long haul?

Look no further! Consult Thomo Developments.